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Am I Ready to Return to Work?

Returning to work after an injury on the job is a stressful time.  The employer and insurance carrier want you to return to work as soon as possible, often before you are ready to do so. Why? Because it costs them less to do so and portrays your injury as less severe than it might otherwise be.  Iowa Code § 85.33 provides that the employer and insurance carrier must pay temporary total (TTD) benefits until you have returned to work from injury or are medically capable of returning to substantially similar employment.  Like everything in the law, there are nuances that can change the way this may affect your case.  Generally, your employer is required to offer you some type of work which is suitable for any physical limitations you may have, but this may not always work for you. If this suitable work is not offered, you should be entitled to weekly benefits while you continue to heal from injury.

If you are having any issues with returning to work, turn to a Des Moines workers' compensation lawyer from King Law, PLLC.

Return to Work Disputes

Employers and Insurance companies are becoming more and more aggressive in returning injured workers back to work soon after injury. Employers now may return an employee to work the next day after surgery. Light duty is offered to workers if the employer has work within restrictions given by an authorized treating physician. If your employer is giving you a hard time about returning to work or putting you in a job that you are not capable of performing, you need legal help.

Temporary Disability Attorney in Des Moines

At King Law, PLLC, Des Moines workers' compensation lawyer Mark King know the laws in Iowa, as well as your rights in regards to going back to work. If you are having any difficulty returning to work, he can provide you with quality representation and guidance. You can count on him to represent you in any dispute or to protect your rights if you are experiencing pressure from your employer.

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