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Sadly, motorcycle accidents tend to result in severe injuries and fatalities. Even when motorcyclists protect themselves with safety gear, such as helmets and leather clothing, they are relatively unprotected in the event of a crash. To make matters worse, motorcyclists are often blamed for these accidents, making it difficult for injured bikers to recover the compensation they need to obtain critical medical treatment and make ends meet while they are out of work.

King Law, PLLC is committed to helping injured motorcyclists and the families of motorcyclists killed in devastating collisions fight for the justice and fair recoveries they deserve. With past experience in insurance defense, Attorney Mark King knows firsthand the tactics insurance companies will use to dispute or deny rightful claims. For the past 13+ years, he has used this knowledge to effectively advocate for injured motorcycle accident victims throughout Iowa, securing millions of dollars for his clients in the process.

To learn how Attorney King can help you with get back on your feet after a motorcycle accident in Des Moines or the surrounding areas, call (515) 585-3245 and request a free consultation.

Proving Liability in Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

As in any other type of personal injury claim, proving who is to blame for your motorcycle accident is a critical component of your case. In fact, in order to even have grounds to file a claim, you will need to prove that someone else was at least partly responsible for the accident. Note that while the liable party in the vast majority of motorcycle accident cases is another motorist, other people/parties could also be liable for the accident.

You could have grounds for a motorcycle accident claim if the crash was caused by:

  • A distracted driver
  • A drunk driver
  • Someone who was disobeying traffic laws
  • Someone who was speeding
  • A fatigued driver
  • Someone who was tailgating
  • A pedestrian or cyclist who crossed on a red light
  • Someone who opened a car door into your path
  • Unsafe or defective road design/construction
  • Defective motorcycle parts/equipment
  • A negligent motorist

In the most basic sense, in order to prove your claim, you will need to show that someone else owed you a duty of care but failed to uphold it. You will also need to show that, as a result of this failure, you were injured and suffered damages, such as medical expenses, disability, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc.

You Only Have Two Years to File Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

Iowa has a two-year statute of limitations on motorcycle accident claims, meaning you only have two years from the date of the accident (with some very rare exceptions) to file your claim. If you fail to bring a claim before the statute of limitations has expired, you will almost certainly be barred from recovering any compensation for your injuries.

It’s important that you act quickly and speak to a Des Moines motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible after the accident. Your attorney will be able to conduct an investigation into the accident in order to determine exactly what happened and who is at fault. Your attorney will also be able to evaluate the full extent of your injuries and analyze what effects they have had on your life. From there, your attorney will be able to build a comprehensive case and fight for the maximum compensation you are owed.

You Can Still Seek Damages If You Were Partly at Fault

Iowa follows a modified comparative negligence rule. Under this rule, an injured motorcyclist can still file a claim and seek compensation for his or her damages even if he or she was partly at fault for the accident. As long as a jury finds you less than 50% to blame, you can collect damages up to the total amount minus your percentage. For example, if a jury decides you were 30% liable for the crash, you can recover up to 70% of the total damages you would have otherwise received if you were not at fault whatsoever for the accident.

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